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Kersel is an independent consulting agency accompanying organizations in purposeful projects.

Our belief

Every brand has a unique DNA, a purpose, which can be traced back to its creation. Too often it has been diluted over the years and many additions have blurred the value proposition.

Today, 73% of brands could disappear in Belgium and the consumer would not care.

Our mission is to empower organizations to redefining themselves, differentiating their brand and thriving in a rapidly evolving society. By forging meaningful connections with all stakeholders and operating with purpose, we pave the way for sustainable growth. With a relentless drive to uncover untapped potential, we guide our clients through complexities, providing strategic tools and insights to navigate shifting landscapes, secure their license to operate, and unlock new pathways to success. Through our unwavering commitment, we ignite the true essence of brands, reestablishing their distinct identity and propelling them towards a future of prosperity.

What we offer

We help businesses redefine their brand, create meaningful impact, and achieve future-proof success through purpose-driven strategies and transformative campaigns :

  • ZWe challenge your brand and reveal its beauty
  • ZWe guide you in defining a meaningful purpose
  • ZWe make your brand a positive and sustainable player in society
  • ZWe propel you into the future through innovative solutions
  • ZWe help you to succeed by congruent actions
  • ZWe ensure coherence during your transformation
  • ZWe create inspirational relationship with your stakeholders

Who we are

Founded in 2017 by Stéphan Salberter, Kersel is an independent consulting agency that supports organizations in meaningful projects.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking consulting firm with a passion for empowering organizations. Guided by our entrepreneurial spirit, we embrace creativity, innovation, and ethical practices.

We are committed to providing you with strategic and independent advice. Ambitious but realistic, we ensure a positive impact for you and all your stakeholders, with no conflict of interest with the implementation of the proposed solutions.

We worked with them

We acccompanied them in the development of their brand.

Need for support?

Contact our team to discuss how we can help you. We’d be pleased to support you in your new projects. Let’s make great things together!